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We are a travel technology company having deep understanding of tourism industry and we are passionate about technology.


TourSoft has a long roadmap to deliver technology solutions, serving travel companies across the globe.


Our strong engineering team is the core of stable product that ensures secure and reliable delivery.


Our vision is to connect all the dots in the travel industry and provide comprehensive solution for all.


We are a unique team contributing from diverse locations; We have a culture where we like to debate, talk through until we don’t get comfortable with the ideation.

We Enjoy Building Products, Having Good Time with the Team

Travel and technology are in our DNA and we love to build products around travel and tourism in general.

TourSoft was born out of the combined vision of influential travel experts as well as outcome of numerous discussions with travel companies.

The team has decades of combined experience in building innovative solutions for different type of companies in travel industry, tour operators, agents, suppliers and travelers.

Team Behind TourSoft

Meet some of the members of the team TourSoft.

Saurabh Ambekar
Founder, Director & CEO
Terrie Lloyd
Managing Director
Neha Ambekar
Chief Marketing Officer
Guilhem Malfrey
Chief Technology Officer

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